Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Three Time Author!

            I just put the final words onto my third novel, The Northman Saga: Prince Dead  last night! After reaching my 3/4 length complete and utter block, I finally sat down and finished it in two days. I knew I would eventually, because every time I almost finish a project, I decide it is the absolute worst mess of words to ever be put to paper and I quit. I almost burned The Gates of Nottingham manuscript in my fireplace when I was already 350 pages into it. That time, like every time, I buckled down eventually and decided that even if I finished the manuscript with “and then everybody died, the town burned down, and it’s all ashes now because I don’t care anymore”, at least it is an ending and I can edit it later.

            Of course, I don’t actually write that. Inspiration, born of desperation, strikes and I will complete the novel in the style that it is written. I have to wait a couple of months or more to start editing and usually I am surprised by how well I have done. Does anybody else do that? Do you have very little faith in you novel until you take some time apart from it? The surprise that I am actually a darn good writer is completely worth the months of anxiety it takes to write the final quarter and then ignore it.

I must say that this time it was wonderful inspiration that struck when I forced myself in front of my Microsoft screen. In six hours I wrote the final chapter, did some extra research, and found the name for the next novel in The Northman Saga. The second title will be Land of Battles and there is a very specific reason for that which you will have to read Prince Dead to learn. Sorry…

            As excited as I am to finally work on my goal of hopping on the trilogy bandwagon, I now need to dedicate myself to releasing and promoting So Many Secrets. To celebrate that here is the very first image of the book cover. Please let me know what you think:
Before I sign off, I should add that my final goal is to work on my social networking more. I know I don't comment on other blogs often enough, nor do I update Twitter enough. I'm thinking (hesitantly) of getting a phone that will allow me to do this on my work breaks/lunches. I'm a busy girl and it would help. Does anyone know of an affordable (think very affordable) phone plan that allows web access? I'd greatly appreciate your advice.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


For those of you following me on Twitter, I just found out that I have been hacked. I am not sure how to fix it at this time.

I am definitely not sending out weight loss messages and/or advice. I'm not sure what else has been posted and at this point, I can't actually access my account. I think there may be some fake pictures floating around. The only real pictures of me on the internet are on this blog and a few thumbnail profile pics. I think there are two variations.

I am very sorry if any of the messages that have been sent out under my name have offended anyone, as I'm sure they have, seeing as this is the work of a some sort of troll. I am going to work on fixing the situation and I will explain and apologize on Twitter as soon as I can.

All of the best,