Friday, April 13, 2012

Print Addition

I am here to announce the release of The Gates of Nottingham in print! As it turns out, Adobe Acrobat is no longer needed to make this happen on Amazon’s affiliate, Createspace. They have just released templates that work very well. Granted, you can’t get super fancy, but that was not what I wanted in the first place. The template was easy to use even with a behemoth like my novel which ended up being 475 pages in this format. Here I am reading it:

Shameless self promotion (like the picture above) is what’s up next. I have a couple of little fairs and book-signings scheduled, but I’m a little bit at loose ends right now. I am new to my community and net-working was never my forte. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking it might help to donate a copy to a few local libraries and that since I am now officially self-published, I could teach a few courses on how to do it. Obviously, the internet is where it’s at right now as far as sales go, but if I can at least get local buzz, that can help with the online part.
I've read books on the subject, but those don’t really give many concrete answers. So, I must turn to you for fresh ideas ideas. Everybody chime in.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Professional Review

I got my first professional review today! So excited. As you can imagine, I was terrified submitting it in the first place. What if I wrote a horrible book? What if she plasters it all over the internet? What if I look like the biggest idiot to ever try self publishing? I actually lay awake one night fretting. Writers!

She left me a glowing review, though. I could not ask for anything better and (perhaps this is massive ego stroking, OK it is, but I'm going to do it anyway) I am pasting it below. The Gates of Nottingham is now $.99 on Kindle and will be available for $12.99 in print next week and this bolsters my hopes for it.


"Having previously read next to nothing regarding Robin Hood and his legend, this novel was a fantastic surprise and hugely enjoyable. My knowledge regarding the subject is limited to the Kevin Costner film and that didn't really enthuse me.
This novel however, was fantastic. Every single character felt alive and believable and I followed them through their heady plot desperate to find out what was to happen next. I can't vouch for the historical accuracy of the novel but as a fantastic tale of believable characters, heart wrenching romance and some serious action, it cannot be faulted for ticking all the necessary boxes.
It's one of those novels that deserve to be turned into a film or TV serial as every single character is drawn with such accuracy and detail. A hugely pleasant surprise that I could not have enjoyed more if I tried considering it isn't the kind of thing I'd naturally choose. The author should be commended, especially as I couldn't put it down and swallowed it in two four hour blocks!
I especially enjoyed the ending but have to say I felt particularly sorry for Sir Guy of Gisborne despite my better judgement and wish things could have turned out better for him, despite his somewhat nasty nature. Favourite characters included the gypsy Maeve and Marion's sister Helena who's feisty attitude in the face of adversity is extremely infectious and likeable. Quinn offers readers a fantastic twist on an already well known tale."
Bethan Townsend, The Kindle Book Review