Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hello All!

Welcome to a brand new blog by a brand new author. As I write this, my contacts in the internet world are pretty slim, but I hope to make plenty of new friends and network, network, network.

So, since I can't talk about you and this is an introduction, let me tell you a little about myself. When I was sixteen I decided that I could write a novel. After all, other people do it all the time and if Stephen King and J.K. Rowling could be millionaires, why couldn't I? Ah... the ignorance / arrogance of youth. But, I did it! It took me two years to get a first rough (very, very rough) draft. A year of editing followed. Then there was the year of queries. I can proudly show off thirty-two rejections letters. Bruised, but not broken eh? Hope appeared about eight months ago when I got this close to a deal with Penguin, but it fell apart.

What had I been doing in the meantime? Writing, of course. I now have a catalogue of two historical fiction novels and five screenplays. Did I forget to mention that I wanted to be a screenwriter for a while? Well, I'm kind of over that now. What I do want to do is learn everything there is to know about self publishing, e-books, and social media. My goal is that by this time next year, I can release my first novel in paperback and in ebook format.

We mustn't talk buisness all the time, though. You can expect book reviews, films reviews, random rants about things that annoy me, contests, and maybe even some lolcats over the next year while you follow me on my path to publication.

I think we're in for a good ride. If you're a writer extraordinaire with advice, a marketing guru with a tip, or if you just love costume drama and romance as much as I do, comment. As much as I could talk to myself all day (and sometimes do) I'd love a chat.


  1. I've recently decided to pursue self-publication for my MG fantasy; the options out there are almost overwhelming, aren't they? I'll be eager to follow along with your journey here!

  2. @E Louise Bates

    Thanks! It is overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. I'll follow you too and we can learn together.