Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So Many Secrets Release and Contest

            This is a little belated, but So Many Secrets is now available on Amazon! As luck would have it, my scheduled release date fell during the week that I was transferred departments at work, and more specifically on the day that I had jury duty. It has been available since the 24th, as I announced it would be, but I am only now posting about it here and elsewhere on the web.
            To celebrate my second published novel, I am holding my first ever contest. Depending on how it goes, there may be more to come. The winner gets a free, autographed, first print edition of So Many Secrets and the chance to name a character in the second novel of my Northman trilogy.
            Contest Rules:
1. You get to pick a baby name! That’s fun, right? There are just a two caveats:
2. It must be a male name.
3. It must be correct to Scandinavia during the period 500AD-1000 AD. The novels are set between 816 and 820 AD, but I like to give myself leeway.
4. That’s it. I will check on the historical accuracy of the names. I do not claim to be 100% accurate all of the time, but to make this a little more difficult and to keep my writing in line, I don’t want this to be an anachronism. I will choose the name I like best. It’s going to be strictly a matter of taste, so please don’t assume you didn’t pick a perfectly lovely name if you do not win.  
If you do not want to wait, So Many Secrets is available on Kindle here and in Print here. The screencap on the print addition should be uploaded soon, but the cover is the same as seen on the Kindle addition and on my post below.

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