Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Free, Free, Free

Hey guys, this is just a short post to let you know that I am running a promotion today and tomorrow wherein both of my books will be free on kindle. I hope you read and enjoy. If you do, please remember that reviews are an indie author's best tool and leave a few words on Amazon. I'd really appreciate it and I love to hear people's thoughts on my work (even bad ones).

The Gates of Nottingham

So Many Secrets


  1. I downloaded "The Gates of Nottingham" and I can't wait to read the story.

    I'm an incurable collector of RH novels and I'm curious to know if any movie or TV series or traditional tale inspired you for this book.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for downloading & commenting Lady Cassia!

      I read most of the original ballads when I was writing this novel and tried to bring back their medieval sensibilty, rather than the Victorian Howard Pyle style which really inspired the story as we know it now.

      I started writing The Gates of Nottingham just before the BBC's latest Robin Hood series came out, so more than anything I was inspired to avoid having too many similarities to that. A lot of people think this is a sort of extended fanfiction because Marion and Guy are married in TGN and they had a romance in the BBC series. It was never based on that, however, and I think you will find the character far different.

      What is your favorite Robin Hood book/movie/TV show?

  2. I wanted to say thank you for the free books but for some reason the days you offered them free I was unable to get them.If you ever offer them free again I hope I'll be able to download them then. They both sound like books I'd like to read, as I read many different genres. Good luck with everything. As an avid book reader I'm sure I'll read many of your works.

    1. Hi Beth. Thanks for commenting. It looks like the special I was running was only available in the US, whereas at the time I thought it was for all of Amazon's sites.

      I'm sorry you were unable to download. Are you in the US? I only ask to be sure that was the problem.

    2. Hello Olene, I'm not sure if my comments are posting or not but I am not seeing them. I am in the USA. Throughout the day when the books were free I tried several times for each one. yet it would not go through. I'm not sure why. I never had a problem with Amazon before. I was trying only when they were set as free. I was able to get other free ebooks with no issues, seems only yours I was unable to. In any case I do plan to read your books when I am able to purchase them. I always try to do a review, good or bad, especially for indie writers. Making sure that author sees it. So when I read yours I will review them too. Good luck and take care.
      Thank you again for responding

    3. This is the first message I've received. Thanks for replying. I'll be having another free promotion soon & I'll give you a heads up. If you still can't get the books then, I'd be happy to email you them in word format which should work for a kindle.

      Thanks for commenting!