Friday, May 12, 2017

The Northman Saga: Prince Dead $.99 Promo

Now through Friday 19th Prince Dead will be on sale on Amazon for $0.99! 

Ireland 816 AD

In the dark of night, a Viking warship lays anchor. Ninety warriors besiege a village, lighting its huts aflame and pillaging its monastery. No sooner are they heavily laden with loot than a great storm arises, quenching their fires. They watch, helpless, as their ship is pulled out to sea and smashed to splinters against the cliffs.

Stranded in a foreign land amongst the rubble of their own destruction, caught in the midst of a war not their own, and facing a harsh winter, the Vikings do not fear, for they follow Yngvarr in Feigr…

Prince Dead

Free previews are available on my blog or through Amazon. As always, Prince Dead is free to read through Kindle Unlimited.   

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