Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Suggestions?

I've got this Kindle with nothing on it. I need suggestions as to how to fill it. I know most of you have published or will publish soon and I've bought a few of your books, but some of you I had a hard time finding. So, if you have a novel out on ebook (or even print), let me know what it is and I will buy it. Then we can chat about that too. Have you read and enjoyed any books like this lately?

*Cozy mysteries (where the heroines aren't too "cutely" neurotic and man-hating)
*Historical Fiction (literary, action, romantic, heck, I even count Michael Crichton's Timeline)
*Love Stories (by which I mean a book with an actual attempt at a plot and not just sex every 10 pages)
*Thrillers (although, I go a little light. by which I mean, I don't want to read super graphic descriptions of rape or child abuse)


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