Monday, January 9, 2012

New Layout and New Kindle

*I’ve got a new look! If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely already noticed. I decided that I hated the old look. I often like something, settle on it, then come to hate it. For example, my current purse was a K-Mart $2.49 special that I thought I loved. It is hideously ugly in a special 1970’s way. I’ll keep it until it falls apart because I hate buying purses and it is convenient. The moral of the story is that I am often aesthetically blind. So, tell me what you think. Any suggestions? I would like to continue to tweak things, but I do like this template much better.
*I just got a Kindle Touch for my birthday. Yes, I used to decry the loss of paper books for future generations and the state literature would come to with the advent of ebooks, but… I’m over it. The Kindle is awesome. Who doesn’t want a device that can hold 3,000 books and all of their music? This will at least solve the problem of the paperbacks over-flowing my room. I think my favorite part is that I can get all of the classics for free. I love classic novels. I started in on Austen and Dickens in the fifth grade. I used to read Persuasion whenever I got sick, until my sister accidentally destroyed my copy. I also want to read all of The Scarlet Pimpernel books. I’ve read five I think, but I’m pretty sure they are all free on blio. Points to people who can find the Scarlet Pimpernel references I always put in my novels. They are easy to miss.
Getting used to the Kindle does take time. It’s a little awkward to hold at first, and there is a delay in getting to the next page. I’m still adjusting, but I have so much I want to download to it. I’m excited that this gives me a better way to support indie authors than trying to scrape together fourteen dollar for a paperback and knowing they will get something like 2% out of that.
To those of you who hopped on the Kindle wagon before me: should I get a cover and wall charger? I can’t decide if I need them or not.  


  1. I hate picking out purses. Hate it. If my daughter is with me shopping and I say, let's go look at the purses she says, "I didn't agree to this." Ha.

    Your new look is great.

  2. I do like the new layout. Though I've recently learned that a lot of people have trouble with light text on a dark background so I've started working on a complete overhaul of my own site.