Friday, April 13, 2012

Print Addition

I am here to announce the release of The Gates of Nottingham in print! As it turns out, Adobe Acrobat is no longer needed to make this happen on Amazon’s affiliate, Createspace. They have just released templates that work very well. Granted, you can’t get super fancy, but that was not what I wanted in the first place. The template was easy to use even with a behemoth like my novel which ended up being 475 pages in this format. Here I am reading it:

Shameless self promotion (like the picture above) is what’s up next. I have a couple of little fairs and book-signings scheduled, but I’m a little bit at loose ends right now. I am new to my community and net-working was never my forte. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking it might help to donate a copy to a few local libraries and that since I am now officially self-published, I could teach a few courses on how to do it. Obviously, the internet is where it’s at right now as far as sales go, but if I can at least get local buzz, that can help with the online part.
I've read books on the subject, but those don’t really give many concrete answers. So, I must turn to you for fresh ideas ideas. Everybody chime in.

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  1. Hey, Olene! New follower here. Just joined today :)

    There is so much you can do to make people aware of your most awesome book! Blogging about it is a start. You can blog excerpts of your book, maybe 1-2 paragraph teasers. You can also blog contests and giveaways, which will help boost your exposure in the writer community. Contests such as giving a copy away if they follow you on Twitter, on Blogspot, comment on your blog and tweet your book contest. Stuff like that really works! You can set it up through Nope, I'm in no way affiliated with them whatsoever!!!

    You can also build up your exposure by beginning to comment on other people's blogs. Believe me when I say this: You'll make friends pretty quick that way and they just might promote your book for you without any effort on your part!

    You can also set up blogs featuring your characters and then tweet quotes from the characters to promote the book. Of course, you'll be tweeting in character, you didn't expect your characters to do it for you, right? LOL

    Another popular activity to participate are the blog hops you see around blogspot. There are many. Right now there's a big one that is called A-to-Z, which allows bloggers to write posts every day of the week featuring the alphabet. It's pretty cool and I've gain many followers just by commenting on their blogs.

    Giving copies out to a few of the local libraries is cool, but generating buzz from followers online because they read your book and love it is better!

    Anyway, those are a few suggestions. Hopefully, I helped. If you're also looking for ideas you can hit me up on my blog. Tons of stuff there for those just starting out or getting involved in the writing community.