Monday, February 4, 2013

Ye Olde Tweet Tweet

I told you a while back that I was going to talk a little more about how I run my Twitter account, so I’m going to do that today.

You will get exactly one automated direct message from me. I’m set up to welcome all new followers with a dm. In this way, I can thank all of my new followers without actually typing 20-50 dm’s per day. I’ll be honest: I’m just not patient enough to do that. I do appreciate each and every person who follows me though, and I do read all of their profiles.

As for auto-tweets, you’ll see shout-outs to new followers. Again, it’s my stream-lined approach to thanking people. You will also see a count of how many people follow and unfollow me each day. That is mostly for myself. I like to see how I’m doing.

That’s it! Nothing else is automated. All of the rest of my tweets and messages are my own. I try not to inundate the site, because I have followed some people who tweet up to a hundred times a day and I find that annoying. So, counting the auto-tweets, there will usually only be six to seven tweets from me per day.

I follow everyone individually. No auto-followe. I read each and every profile and a good half a page of tweets before I follow. Basically, I don’t want anyone who posts overtly sexual, inflammatory, bigoted, hateful, or otherwise offensive tweets. I also won’t follow people who are selling things other than books or hand-crafts. So, no weight loss gurus, crystal therapists, etc. That stuff is fine and good in its way, but I’m not interested.

I have been re-tweeting quite a bit recently. My purpose in that is to help indie authors sell their books. So, I do give some preference to those with fewer followers and to tweets that have not already been re-tweeting. I also re-tweet the occasional quote that catches my fancy.

That’s it. I try to keep it as personal and non-irritating as possible.  

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